Upcoming Events


Monthly Silent Meeting – Second Sunday of the month from  10am – 11:30am

Join Rebekah for the next session – 10th November 2019

“There is no purpose or point to this. This like everything else won’t lead to anything.

Like all talks & meetings the unspoken is ultimately what they are about; even if you believe you will find something in words and their meaning, and that they are taking you somewhere.

You could go sit in a park, or go listen to some music, but you could also come join this silent sitting…it happens as it happens…it can’t possibly ever go wrong” ❤ 

In total there will be an hour of silent sitting, but Rebekah may spontaneously speak at times.
Likewise comments and questions are allowed to be spoken if they come up…to which there may or may not be a response, and that must be understood beforehand, and the space and acceptance for the question to dissolve back into silence.

All is allowed to come up; the sounds, the comments, the emotions, the sensations… everything emerging as that silence, out of that silence, and dissolving back into itself.

Cost: £10  – Please make payment via the pay/donate tab & include your skype name, email address and a note to clarify if it is a donation or a payment for the session.

The session will not be broadcast and you will be added via Skype.

“May resonance reveal home” ❤