Rebekah offers one-to-one sessions to explore this subject of non duality directly. You can speak freely, and privately share personal experiences and concerns that seem to be affecting you in daily living in regards to hearing this non dual message.

You are encouraged to be as open and as honest as you can, whether it be about non-duality or about personal struggles, this is an open house for whatever comes to be explored; a true celebration of everything!

Sessions cost £40 for an hour, 30 minute sessions also available.

Please fill in the contact form to make arrangements for a session.
Please include the days and times of your availability (please indicate UK time).
Please make payment on the donation page after a time and day has been agreed.





Rebekah is not a trained therapist or counsellor, by paying for a session, you agree to the terms that any participants response or reaction to these communications is entirely, and only, a product of their own interpretation and is their own responsibility. By paying for a session you are agreeing with these terms.

Below is a link for the Samaritans who are always available to lend a listening ear  ❤ :

Here is a link for a UK organisation called Spiritual Crisis Network, who offer support for people struggling with the integration of spirituality into their daily lives.

These links are offered in suggestion as support, Rebekah is in no way responsible for the contents or experience you may have by following these external links.