Change to Streaming days

Hi Every😍ne, I will no longer be doing live streams twice a week, but instead, once a month! The last Sunday of the month. I will still be doing my silent sitting on the Second Sunday of the month. Same times. Just to reiterate: Second Sunday of month - Silent Sitting 10am til 11:30am Last… Continue reading Change to Streaming days

A Poem – Inside

  There's a river available  a river of rest a place that the human can find solace and peace the human can't find it...but it is here ...available... ......abundant... .........overflowing... inside the hollow of this moment.   Can the world be dimmed enough to hear? Don't go out too'll miss the fun.

Hi, I’m on Facebook

Hi lovies that follow my blog on here. Just realised that I need to let you know, that I post most of my writing on facebook these days, and hardly write on this blog. This is my facebook page ❤ Hope to see and speak to you some time ❤


You've got to dive in with your heart. Be brave enough to leave your mind at the door. Surrender doubt, and the security of the mind and its knowing. Your heart knows the way... Dive in, until the tips of your toes are submerged ❤